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The Endless Wave
  • The Endless Wave

     Full Price: USD 2200. You will pay now USD 396 to secure your spot. 


    Surf the longest left in the world for 8 days. You will be living in front of the wave. The resort offers a place where relaxation and comfort are the norm. With the constant offshore wind of the area, there will always be good surfing around. As the wave is extremely long, the paddle back out turns never-ending. For this reason, we offer the “Tow Back” service, 2 boats that take you back to the line-up after every ride.

    • Chicama The Endless Wave

      Surf the longest left in the world for 8 days. 

      Chicama offers 4km of perfect waves making it ideal for all levels of surfing with some easy sections and others for more experienced surfers. It is 100% sure that you will surf here for the longest wave of your life.

      Welcome to Blueroad in Peru! 

    • Price

      Full price 2200. You have 72hs of free refund. 


    Prices are per person.
    We require a deposit to reserve your spot.
    No obligation, we offer a full refund within 48hrs of booking.