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Costa Rica Surf Retreat
  • Costa Rica Surf Retreat

    Live Love Surf in Costa Rica for 8 days. We will travel specifically to Nosara: a surfing hotspot with truly top- tier waves. Enjoy professional coaching while surfing the best waves on earth!. Surfing is a lifestyle, above all a way of pure enjoyment and connection with the present. Blueroad is not just a surf course, a surf school or a surf camp, but a complete surfing experience, a trip you will never forget.

    • Pura Vida Surf Retreat in Costa Rica

      Costa Rica has one of the longest life expectancies in the world, why? Beautiful and exotic scenery, wonderful weather and incredibly varied surf, perhaps. Ask a local Tico or Tica and they'll tell you the main reason is the laughter and joy that is always present. Easy as that. We will travel specifically to the province of guanacaste: a surfing hotspot with truly top- tier waves. 

      Santa Teresa is a small and beautiful coastal town in Costa Rica with a special charm that will conquer you, an energy that cannot be described but that will make you feel immensely happy. 

      The paradisiacal surf town of Nosara is the perfect place to offer one of the best surf training camps. Guiones beach is a magical 7 km long white sand beach that offers perfect, gentle waves for beginner and intermediate surf lessons.

      Welcome to Pura Vida Surf Retreat in Costa Rica.

    • Price

      Full price 2300. You will pay now 460 to secure your spot.


    Prices are per person.
    We require a deposit to reserve your spot.
    No obligation, we offer a full refund within 48hrs of booking.