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Galicia Surf Experience

Summer 2023

Galicia is a Spanish region located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Cantabrian Sea to the north. Its particular Estuaries, long arms of the sea considered the footprint of God's fingers, create a maritime geography with all kind of waves for any level. You will be surfing in a paradise surrounded by forest where seeing a rainbow from the sea is a phenomenon that we often witness.



You will live 15 minutes walk from Pantin beach. Home of the World Qualifying Tour contest, this beach is considered one of the most consistent and playful for surfing in Spain. There is always a wave to surf at Pantin that is suitable for your level. Do you want a day off from surfing Pantin is so unique that, on the east corner, you will find Puerto Carrizo, a cozy bay for meditating, do some yoga and just relax

Enjoy professional coaching while surfing the best waves on earth! Whether you want to work on your cutbacks or aim to get your first barrel, our qualified team will be offering the Blueroad experience with a coaching program.

Surf coaching Blueroad
Galicia Surf.jpg
Surf Coaching Blueroad .jpg
  • Personalized tips to help you surf better at each surf spot

  • Video analysis of your surfing

  • Wetsuit and surfboard for your level.

  • International surf coaching workshops

  • Technical surf meetings with small groups of surfers


Local knowledge

We live here so we know the area very well. If Pantin is too big or the conditions are not suitable for you, we will take you surfing to other nearby breathtaking beaches. The estuary of Villarube is a great example of it: amazing long easy wave, with just a few people out.

Wake up to a fresh breakfast and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Observe the hills, the ocean and green forest surrounding the house. These are the experiences you will remember from your stay at your classic, spacious Spanish home. You will have access to a cuisine directly at home. In the afternoon, after surfing, enjoy a skate session in the bowl with the best sunset views  The location of our surf house is 15- minutes walk from the beach and with the best sea views.

Galicia  Skateboarding Blueroad
Galicia Sunset.JPG
  • Two surfers per room (separate beds)

  • All linen & towels

  • Two chill out areas

  • Private skate bowl

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • 7 nights in Pantin - Galicia, Spain

  • Vintage boutique resort with quality accommodations & countryside views

  • Healthy and delicious breakfast every day

  • Surf coaching sessions in and out of the water

  • 3 coaches for 8 students

  • Technical analysis of your surfing footage each evening

  • 2 yoga sessions

  • Welcome beer and snack

  • Entertainment: music system, hundreds of surf movies & a unique skate bowl 

  • All your surf photos & videos (bring hard drive or iPhone for videos)