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Blueroad Surfcoaching

Pura Vida Retreat

2024 - Feb 11th - 18th 

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Costa Rica has a tropical climate and enjoys 28-degree water year-round, like a natural spa. This country has one of the longest life expectancies in the world, why? Beautiful and exotic scenery, wonderful weather and incredibly varied surf, perhaps. Ask a local Tico or Tica and they'll tell you the main reason is the laughter and joy that is always present. Easy as that. We will travel specifically to the province of Guanacaste: a surfing hotspot with truly top- tier waves.

Blueroad Surfcoaching

The paradisiacal surf town of Nosara is the perfect placeto offer one of the best surf training camps.Guiones beach is a magical 7 km long white sand beach that offers perfect, gentle waves for beginner and intermediate surf lessons. It has plenty of breaks so surfers of all levels have the space to find waves and learn to surf safely.

Enjoy professional coaching while surfing the best waves on earth! Whether you want to work on your cutbacks or aim to get your first barrel, our qualified team will be offering the Blueroad experience with a coaching program.

Surf coaching Blueroad
Surf coaching Blueroad
Surf coaching Blueroad
  • Personalized tips to help you surf better at each surf spot

  • Video analysis of your surfing

  • A personal folder of your videos on our iPad.

  • International surf coaching workshops

  • Technical surf meetings with small groups of surfers


Our Surf Retreats

Surfing is a lifestyle, above all a way of pure enjoyment and connection with the present.

Blueroad is not just a surf course, a surf school or a surf camp, but a complete surfing experience, a trip you will never forget.

Experience Costa Rica in comfort and style. You will be living in the most international and elegant accommodations in the country.

Breakfast is included every morning and you will have access to excellent cuisine directly at home.

  • Three surfers per room (separate beds)

  • 1 X Private Bungalow for 4 (two story)

  • All linen & towels

  • Carved log wood showers & hot water

  • Air-Conditioning & Fans

  • 7 nights in Nosara.

  • Gorgeous resort with quality accommodations.

  • 2 healthy and delicious meals per day.

  • Filmed Surfing lessons every day. 

  • Technical analysis of your surfing footage every day.

  • Consistent, quality surf for beginners & intermediates.

  • Excursion to the Nosara Reserve.

  • Surfing in Playa Ostional.

  • Shuttles SJO Airport-Nosara and Nosara-Airport.

  • 2 Yoga sessions - Musical events.

  • All your surf photos & videos. 

Our travellers

Agua Azul


Am I too old or too young for this trip?

A lot of our first-time guests are concerned about this!
To give you an idea, about 80% of our guests are between 25 and 55 years old. This is, on average, each trip is a bit different.
We are firm believers that age is just a number! If you are under 25 or over 55, you are certainly welcome to our retreats. What is important to our organization is to be transparent in the type of experience we deliver. Our guests come to focus on their surfing progression and to have a great time. Some of them enjoy a beer or a cocktail at sunset and might go out once or twice during the retreat, but if you are looking for a place to party all week, this is not the right experience for you.

I have never surfed in my life. Is this trip for me?

We choose Nosara because it offers perfect and gentle waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. If you have never surfed in your life, this experience is perfect to introduce you to surfing and progress from scratch. For intermediate surfers, the conditions are spectacular for improvement: clean right and left-hander waves, with sandy bottoms and no rip currents. 

Do I have to train before going to the surf experience?

We recommend aerobic exercise such as swimming or running. When you book your place, we provide you with a practical “Surf Training Program” designed by the Blueroad team as a free gift. 

Should I bring my own surfboard and wetsuit?

If you are a beginner you don't need to bring a surfboard, we provide you with a surfboard according to your level, weight and height. If you are an intermediate surfer and you usually surf with your own board and feel comfortable with it, we recommend you bring it with you. If we see that the board doesn't work for you, we will give you another one. 

The average water temperature is 28,5°C/83,3°F so no wetsuit is necessary. However, we recommend surfing wearing a rashguard to avoid scratching your abdomen with the board and to avoid getting sunburnt. We provide them. 

Do you have a schedule for the trip?

Yes, we do, this is our schedule. However, we know that it is a vacation and everyone is free to do what they want. If you are tired and want to miss a surf session it is obviously not mandatory.

How do I make a reservation?

Paying 20% of the total trip through our website. You have 48 hours of free cancellation.

How do cancellations work?

After you make your reservation, you have 48hs to get a Free Refund. If you cancel the trip 30 or less days  before the start date, you don't get a refund.  

What is the deadline for the final payment?

The final payment is made a maximum of 1 month before the beginning of the trip by credit/debit card, bank transfer or Revolut. If you want to pay in cash, please contact us.  

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is mandatory in our experiences. Make sure the insurance company covers surfing as an activity. Some travel insurance companies that cover surfing are G1G, Safety Wing, and World Nomads.  Click here to buy surf travel insurance directly online with our partners G1G.

Do I need a visa to enter the country?

No visa is required to enter Costa Rica.

(The answers above apply to the USA, Canada, most of Europe and Australia. Please verify online to be 100% certain about your personal situation).

What airport should I fly into?

You have to fly to Juan Santamaria International Airport, Costa Rica's main airport located 17 km from San Jose, its Capital, or to Guanacaste Airport, the second international airport located in Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste. The first is a 5-hour drive from Nosara and the second is a 2.5-hour drive from Nosara. We do have shuttles from both airports. 

How does airport transportation work?

To benefit from the free shuttles included in our packages, there are two options:

1. Flights to Juan Santamaría International Airport (San Jose): your flight must land on the date planned in our camps before 2:00 pm as the shuttle leaves from the airport at 3:30 pm from Malinche restaurant (right outside the airport). On your return, your flight must leave at least at 4:00 pm also the date planned (the shuttle leaves from the accommodation at 8:00 am to arrive at the airport at 1:00 pm). For example, if you have booked a surf trip from February 11th to 18th, you must land on the 11th before 2:00 pm and leave on the 18th at least at 4:00 pm.

2. Flights to Guanacaste Airport (Liberia): your flight must land on the date planned in our camps before 4:00 pm as the shuttle leaves from the airport at 5:30 pm. On your return, your flight must leave at least at 1:30 pm also the date planned (the shuttle leaves from the accommodation at 8:00 am to arrive at the airport at 10:30 am). For example, if you have booked a surf trip from February 11th to 18th, you must land on the 11th before 4:00 pm and leave on the 18th at least at 1:30 pm. 

If you arrive in advance to Nosara, the hotel we collaborate with can sometimes accommodate you if there is availability (additional fees). We can also advise you on places to stay before your trip with us. Just write to us if you are interested.

Where do I stay if I arrive a day before and I want to wait for the free shuttle?

If you arrive a day before and you want to benefit from the free shuttles, the town of Alajuela is an 8-minute drive from the Juan Santamaria International Airport. There you will find many accommodations to stay for a night. Besides, the shuttle can pick you up at the hotel in Alajuela after leaving the airport at 3:30 pm. On your return, the transfer will leave you at the airport.

For Guanacaste airport, there are accommodations in Liberia, a 15-minute drive from the airport. In this case, the shuttle leaves the from airport.

What happens if I arrive after hours or the next day?

We can arrange for a shuttle to take you from the airport to the hotel (additional fees).

How do the shared rooms work?

The bungalows are for 3 people and are very spacious. There is the possibility of a private room for you inside the bungalow with a king bed or a room with a private bathroom (additional fees for both). 

What clothes should I bring to Costa Rica?

In the province of Guanacaste, the minimum temperature is 23º and the maximum is 35º and it practically does not rain in February/March, so only light clothing is needed.

What is the ideal currency?

The US dollar is accepted in Costa Rica. 

How much extra money should I bring?

The only things not included are lunches and extra activities. This depends on each person. We recommend bringing 500 USD and a debit/credit card to be able to withdraw local currency in an ATM if needed.

What´s the best website for plane tickets?

We suggest searching on Skyscanner, Kayak or writing to us for assistance.

I am planning to travel alone on this trip. Will there be any other solo travellers on my trip?

In our trips, about 80% of people travel alone, so you will most probably not be the only lone traveller in your group. 

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